CodeProject v1/My API Demo

This is a demo of using the CodeProject v1/My API. The My API allows access to various information about the logged in user. This includes some of your Profile information, Reputation, as well as lists of your various content. The demo is based on the default SPA template in Visual Studio 2013.3. This template uses JQuery, Knockout.js, and Sammy.js to implement the SPA functionality. Bootstrap is for layout and styling.

Note: The demos use a pre-registered Client ID and Client Secret. For your apps, you will need to register your own. Information about registering a Client ID and Client Secret can be found here.

When you started this demo, you will have been prompted for your CodeProject account email and password, if you weren't already logged on. This is required as part of the OAUth2 Implicit Flow to get a user specific Access Token to allow the application access to your information.

Click on the tabs to see it in action. You can use Fiddler or your browser's developer tools to observe the application's communication with the API server. Details of the API can be found in the API Documentation.

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